Final Rebirth, hereafter known as "We", are a small social LS that's lost a lot of members in recent months - in fact we're down to 3 regulars. In total there's only about 6 of us anyway.

Now, we're looking to go from being a small chat LS to a core team for things like VW, NNI, Meebles (along with Abyssea wins for people that need it) with hopes of expanding into 18-man Legion, Einherjar V2, and Delve (along with whatever the hell comes after that!).

Now, I know what you're thinking - Why would I join a LS for something I can get from shouting?!
Damn good question, damn good! Aside from a bunch of fun people, who want no drama and nothing more than a bit of entertainment - you get nothing, unless you count not having to shout for 20 minutes for the first few people for a group! I'm not going to lie :D However, if you're still wanting to meet new people and make some friends, then this is definitely the place you want to be.

"Events" aren't a mandatory part of the LS, but for things that aren't "Points/Luck" drops (Meebles being the only one I can think of that we'd be doing first) then the more you do, the more you're likely to get! I reward loyalty with shiny things, like tin foil! :D

I'm aiming this mostly at the "Returning/Lazy" crowd (Personally, I'm in the lazy crowd :D Didn't do VW when that first kicked up, lazied up my Abyssea stuff, done no NNI or Meebles, etc!), but anyone's welcome! If you want nothing more than a place to come and sit in quiet solitude, then come! Sit! :D If you're like me and enjoying chatting about random crap with no logic, then come! Chat crap!

Jobs/Gear Required
At the moment, due to the minute number of people we have, anyone's accepted - under the assumption you're willing to swap between any jobs you have when required. We intend on rota'ing around jobs, so everyone has a bit of variety when they turn up to events. However, if you're prowhm and the only other option is notsoprowhm - then expect to be WHM pretty often! Same with DD.

As for gear, basic PDT/MDT sets would be nice, sensible TP/WS sets are essential (we aren't expecting top tier - but sensible. No-one wants to see evasion in a DD's WS setup without good reason).

What else?!
In addition to all this fantabulous stuff, we're also open to doing pretty much anything we can get the man(or lady)power for! If you want an oldschool EXP PT - we can do that :D Want to kill some stuff for Abyssea +1/+2's? Sure thing! - The only thing we ask is that you don't get snarky when people don't want to do something like that.

What I didn't plan on this LS doing is making Empyrean weapons for everyone - though you're definitely more than welcome to do so with people in the LS, we just wouldn't have a set day/time for it.

We currently have no set times for events, but when we have more members I'm looking to follow a schedule similar to this:

Monday: 7pm Start (Event TBD)
Tuesday: Free
Wednesday: 7pm Start (Event TBD)
Thursday: Free
Friday: 7pm Start (Event TBD)
Saturday: Free
Sunday: Free

We believe this is a fairly lax schedule, offering plenty of time for "doing your own thing" - 4 completely free days and 3 free days until late evening. Similarly, a 7pm start will hopefully make sure that there's no late night finishes, to begin with preferrably ending around 10:30pm.
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